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Dr. Pankaj K. Garg Prior to founding Zee Source, Dr. Garg was a Senior Scientist at Hewlett-Packard Company Labs in Palo Alto, California. He is an active researcher in the area of software engineering (process modeling, software engineering environments, and software performance engineering) and systems management. He was one of the early proponents of the use of hypertext technology for managing software engineering information. He has co-authored two books on Multithreaded Programming, and co-edited an IEEE collection of articles on Process-Centered Software Engineering Environments. Pankaj was part of the organizing committee for the 1st and 4th International Workshop on Software and Performance (WOSP), and has served as tutorial presenter and program committee member for several conferences, including the International Conferences on Software Engineering (ICSE). Pankaj has a Ph.D (1989) in Computer Science from University of Southern California, where he was an All-University Pre-doctoral Fellow. He is a member of the Association of Computing Machinery.